Wednesday, May 26, 2010

but I'm in California

:) (I can blog because I have a new laptop)

The reference to Tarantula's (in case you didn't notice) comes from a Museum I visited recently in Melbourne....where I spent an hour or so completely ensconced in the spider haven. I stood there wondering what would happen if you could train Tarantula's to perform circus acts and take them around the world...umm anyway...

I arrived in Kalifornia. My flight was not the best, but I figured it is only 14 hours of 'slight discomfort' to endure. I had the sweetest old french woman sitting next to me who made a wonderful travelling companion, although she did insist I try some of her hand cream which I assumed would be french joi de ve or something similar but instead smelt like...shit. oui

My friend Trace picked me up from the Airport, where once again, I was searched...and thoroughly this a female officer. I don't know what they would expect I might have on me....drugs? tarantulas? a pistol strapped to my thigh? Ha! I've been here four days? five? and the jetlag has killed me....last visit I didn't notice it...this time I have....but I don't think I'm quite the same. It is probably only today that I have felt I am beginning to tackle the time difference. It is also....fucking freezing. Sunny...but fucking freezing at night. I have a little smoking area out the back of Trace's, where I sit with my legs pulled tight against my chest like a kidlet...banished from society for being caught...being naughty. In order not to feel like an imposter in my friends home (I'm more than likely going to feel that way wherever I go regardless) I decided that I would pay my way by doing jobs for around her windows and yard, some office work and teaching her to cook healthy Australian food :/ I'll start with a braised beef and vegetable stir fry (sounds chinese....which reminds me) A man asked me where I was from. "Australia" I replied. "Aaah" he said "Isn't it true Australia has very close ties with China"? I wouldn't have a clue....but I did reply with "Yes...we are conspiring to blow America and the rest of the world up!....unless of course you guys have close ties with which case our plan might backfire" :) But more than anything else I have been mistaken for being English...I think it's because I don't say much and by the time I do....everyone has gone home. :)

I'm here for three months-ish, so I figured it pointless to just rush out and do eveything within the first week, therefore I've been pretty quiet...doing a lot of walking, scouring bookstores and vintage clothing stores (Robyn if you are reading this, you would be salivating in your me) I've concluded....although I have known for many years that I am plainly and oddball. As I find my mind, feet and gravitation...I have also concluded that I detest department stores, I eat air and I appear to be more interested in stopping on roads I don't know, chatting with people who stand on the footpath twirling 'Subway' signs and giving cigarettes to strangers :) Oh, which reminds me....a packet of Pall Mall....$4.50 ugh....compared to the $15-$20 we pay back home for our death sticks...lonesome highway robbery!

It's cool....and so are you mi amigos ;)


lawn gnome said...

I'm excited that your hear and having fun!


Trace said...

You make me laugh, especially laugh in the eeeeeevil muah-ah-ah kinda way...who else would stop a sign twirler on the street and ask him if he likes his job??

Helen said...

and who but me would have a crush on rocketman? :)

Rach said...

So glad to hear your out of the RSL and on some crazy adventures!!! Have a great time, keep smiling, Rach Harvey.x

Helen said...

Hey Rach :) Thankyou...I hope you are well babe xx