Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sugar Shack

25 Things (pertaining to me)

1. I am diagnosed as having 'mild' Aspergers Syndrome and
Exploding Head Syndrome Although, the exploding head thing has been going on for a couple of years...I didn't know what it was actually called, until now :)

2. I could lay on the floor of bookstores all day and read biographies on un-famous people, photography and culture.

3. I conclude before I even know what it is I'm concluding, for fucks sake :

4. I love solitary time.

5. I can no longer drink alcohol, just for the hell of it.

6. I like gentle people.

7. I have struggled to find good coffee in Orange County. Really...struggled.

8. I'm quite reserved and have been thinking about wearing a 'reserved' sign around my neck. I'd like to be less so.

9. I have been known to go without food for two days.

10. I have rarely gone without a cigarette or coffee for two days.

11. I love unique-ness in all it's undignified glory.

12. I'm routine...but spontaneously combustible.

13. I rarely lose my cool, unless I'm putting something together or taking it apart and it's not happening.

14. I absolutely adore live music. I love it loud, bad and wrong.

15. I rarely follow style. I have my own and live by it.

16. I can be moody and dark and love and light...all in one day! :

17. I love rolling around in mud, camping and sleeping under the stars.

18. I dwell on warm showers, coconut cream, memories and hearts.

19. I'm a wallflower.

20. I would like an old house painted black, with lot's of blue and red flowers.

21. I dig things that swing...like chairs, tree swings and music.

22. I am fascinated by death, cemetaries and epitaphs, though I have yet to see a ghost and I know plenty of them.

23. Creativity is my therapy.

24. I'm blonde.

25. I have no boobs, but I love vinyl and cassette tapes...and if you love those, then you don't need boobs :)
or something like that...



Michael Alesich said...

Does the spontaneous combustion have anything to do with the cigarette?

Helen said...

Haha...no, it means that when I do break out of my bubble or routine...I classify it has a big, daring combustible event :)