Saturday, June 5, 2010


'Old Town' reminds me of a Stephen King novel...that should be (or has it been?) written.

There are homes here which are well over 100 years old, most of them being extremely well kept and maintained. Most mornings when I walk past the white picket fences, perfectly manicured lawns and American flags...I find myself looking past the front doors, down unlit corridors and into the minds of the 'possibly' not so perfect inhabitants. I imagine them to be murderers, rapists, and domestic abusers. Most of them are likely to be 'none of the above', but....*shrugs*

I find myself drawn to the 'other side of town', you know...past the dive bars, alongside the 'lowriders', behind the railway tracks and wonder why this is the case. I think it might be because I noticed a sign on a storefront window in the 'main town', advertising a local 'freemasons' meeting. It could also be because I had an hallucination in the park (in the middle of 'main town', where the fountain is) a few days ago. I lit a cigarette and was convinced that the old man who walked past me and turned his nose up in disgust at my wretched habit was going to wiggle his bony fingers at me and growl something like "You had to go and ruin it...DIDN"T YOU" and curse me with warts. One house happened to have a large white labrador sitting on it's front porch which I swore (or at least imagined) was a white 'Cujo' that was going to tear apart unsuspecting pets, children, freemason's and big creamy donuts, right before my eyes :)

I've been taking photos of these houses and turning them into something a B grade horror might be proud of... I just hope I don't offend the 'neighbors' with my overactive imagination and my desire for them to secretly be...mutant zombies.


Michael Alesich said...

Nothing like a rabies infected bat to start off your own apocalyptic b-movie.

Helen said...

Yes...release the bats :)

Trace said...

Oh my darlin hawt you of all people should know by now WHY I live in this neighborhood. The library in my home office is filled with Stephen King novels. There are skulls hidden amongst my decor. I have the worlds cutest dog with the worlds oddest stare and a fat munchkin cat that speaks in tongue (when its not mewling HEHHHH-LEH-EHN!). I call myself Death Star. I watch horror movies just to see if they have the ability to 'quirk' my eyebrow. You are attracted to the other side of the tracks because, for all their lowridin' cars, tattoos and unkempt yards with plastic lawn furniture...they are angels compared to what's really going on in the minds and behind the doors of the folks over on my side of town. You should really start locking your bedroom door at night. Just sayin'

Helen said...

I do lock my bedroom at night.... I cannot trust a cat who can speak my name :)

That being said, it's a very sweet town and I thank you for having me ;) x