Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bright Lights City...

didn't set my soul on fire...and I hope that isn't offensive to America, because as beautiful and heartbreaking as you are...Las Vegas didn't entirely move me :)

I'd booked a short trip there and although, when the time came to go I wasn't in quite the right frame of mind, I was determined to go ahead with my plans. (I'd promised everyone back home I would) I'd also booked a tour to the Grand Canyon and I really wanted to see that. So, I arrived in Vegas to be greeted with some really hot dry weather and shit loads of people, which I guess when you are in that kind of place on your own...nobody notices that you actually are :) I had chosen the Flamingo Hotel on the strip, because it promised to be tacky and they had real flamingos which totally excited me. So I get there and armed with my camera headed out to take in the sights and lights. I walked up and down, through hotels and malls, past pole dancers and high rollers and through the other side. Literally. The next morning I decided to go downtown. I had found a vintage clothing store online which was close to downtown, so I caught a taxi there, then walked the rest of the way. Apparently I shouldn't have done that because that area of town is not considered safe. It looked didn't feel unsafe...apart from the ridiculous amount of drugs I was offered, the ridiculous amount of money for sex I was offered and the packet of cigarettes I gave away. What can I say. Downtown Las Vegas smelt like dirty money and old blood but I did find some very cool shops.

My highlight of the week was the Grand Canyon. It was breathtaking and exactly how I imagined it would be. I walked out on the glass skywalk, which felt like I was walking on air, over the top of this ridiculously beautiful place that I had only ever read about. It was a little mind blowing and to be honest...I wanted to jump. I'd woken with a migraine headache and did have to push myself through the day...but it was worth it. And I got to meet some Indians, who sang me songs of wisdom and gave me a dream catcher. I'm glad I did it. :)
Oh shit, I almost forgot. I also went to the Hoover Dam, which is spectacular in it's own right. And watched a movie on how it was built. Amazing :)

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