Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just not that kinda girl & other wtf moments

Having been introduced to Hollywood & Vine last year, I really wanted to check out Hollywood & Highland because the big Bettie Page store is there and some other funky stores. Funky probably being the operative word. There were lots of wig stores, shoe stores and lingerie/costume stores and this is where my childhood Wonder Woman crush and my adult shoe fetish, were, well....crushed. I wanted a pair of those Wonder Woman shorts, you know them. So wandering into the first lingerie shop, I spotted a and quite cheap, bingo! The salivating salesman came over and suggested I try them on, and anything else I wanted because everything in his store was made for my body and if I did want anything we could work something out as payment...out the back *wink* I was so embarressed I dropped the Wonder Woman shorts on the floor and walked out...almost falling over a mannequin (ironically wearing a spangly Wonder Woman costume) while trying to hold my arse so he wouldn't look at it.
Strike Wonder Woman shorts off list.

Shoes however :) I walked into a shoe shop, a large shoe shop. It wasn't until I got in there that I noticed that they were generally either platforms or 10" stilettos. I also noticed that I and the lady I was with, were the only two people in the store, besides the guy 'working' behind the counter. As I walked towards the back to look at the boots...I heard moaning. I thought it was a movie. It wasn't until I got closer and the moaning got louder...that I realised he was watching Porn (with the volume up high) on a TV on the end of the counter and he was looking at us with his tongue hanging out : He was supposed to be the freaking shoesalesman for fucks sake!
Strike Shoes off list.

Laughing my bum off at my prudishness, we decided food was in order so we went to Musso & Franks (which is the oldest restaurant in Hollywood, being almost 100 years old) and still being run by the same family, generations later. It is still in it's original state, with old leather booths and coat stands beside each one. It smelt like stale tobacco and memories :) Heaps of movie stars, producers, directors and writers had sat in those booths over the years..including Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Bukowski and Johnny Depp to name a few. Very cool. We were served by the oldest waiter ever who even wore a red jacket and bow tie and had a white waiters napkin draped over one arm. He forgot to take our order...but hey, who the fuck cared, he did eventually remember :)

Next, we went up into the Hollywood Hills and to the Griffith Observatory. That was beautiful and it was right on sunset so there were breathtaking views of L.A and it's surrounding areas. Driving up to the observatory the homes were like something out of the Brady Bunch and I'm sure they would have heard my squeals of "wtf" delight at the still 70's retro condition the homes were in and the "wtf" wails at the amount of money people pay to live there. Gah!
My biggest 'down' moments during my visits to L.A, Hollywood, Las Vegas and San Diego has been the amount of homeless people. Breaks my heart...if I could roll them all up into a big sleeping bag and feed them forever...I would. I don't have that kind of money...the Brady Bunch fraternity however...obviously do.


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