Sunday, August 15, 2010

Contes et échouer de voyage

Travel Tales, Time Flails and Fails...

I am seriously the worst blogger in history....especially when it comes to writing a 'travel blog'. I'm not sure it matters much, the only people who do read these things are those who actually follow me :) But, I apologize for my inconsistence. I will try and keep it up on another level in the future when I have re-settled back home. love, death, happiness and sadness reminds me of the wind (or a cyclone in my case...and possibly yours). It blows through you and around you, more often than not dumping you flat on your arse. You wear it on your arm, keep it on your wall...and question it (what time are you? how much of you do I have?). You want to get lost in it, travel through it, stop it, speed it up or lose it. Instead it loses you with a flick of its uncompassionate cyclonic wrist. So my time here is up and I must leave or as Hamlet so pointedly put it 'the time is out of joint, o cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right'.
This country is truly beautiful and amazing, overflowing with history, spectacular scenery and genuine smiles. It has taken all my willpower not to stay and illegally get lost in it. To do that would be a risk I'm not sure I could take, without saying goodbye to my family at least. Oneday perhaps :)

Ms Weatherford, Pippy and Juju...thankyou forever for your heartwarming welcome, patience and care...for letting me stay with you and for sharing your family and friends with me. Snugness :)
To have three countries I can call home is not something alot of people can say they have. I can and I am terribly grateful for it.
I came and I saw...but not everything. The skin my fingertips didn't brush, the eyes I know yet didn't meet, the sounds of something familiar and sweet...I didn't hear it. Tiny stitches of fine cotton have wound themselves around my heart like stitches in time and....some other time perhaps.

I'm going to end by saying that my travel images are my blog. My thoughts and memories intertwined throughout each them, they'll tell you all you need to know.
Do wish me luck...I'm going to need it as I head home in a few days with an empty jar once filled with dancing starflies, a heaving heart and...some heavy luggage.
Somebody hand me a torch and perhaps something feathery to land on :)

love and au revoir x x x

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