Friday, August 6, 2010


Before I finish my travel blog with a bumper ending. I've been thinking about what I'm going to do when I go back to Australia. I will be starting from scratch because I have no home or job to slide back in to when I get there. The thought excites me because I believe in my capabilities to come up with something out of nothing. I'm a survivor, I live on water.
I'm also a qualified Chef, who wanted to be a Mortician but instead worked as a Film Developer, managed a Music store then became an Events manager. I love Photography, but the technical side of my camera and how I should use it to take an 'awesome' photo is of no interest to me, therefore I could never make a living out of it. I prefer to create scenes with props that make no sense and models who probably don't either, put them all together for the person who can take great photo's and 'boom' create a piece of still film history (which maybe later could become a moving picture, if we are lucky)
I'd like to be a Photographic Stylist/Art Director.
It will be my goal (wish me luck) something to work towards and if it doesn't eventuate for whatever reason, I'm sure I'll have fun getting kicked out of class :)

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